Lab Capabilities


Technical Expertise

Our team of metallurgical experts have expertise in:

  • Oil & Gas Drill Bit Manufacturing & Development
  • Mining Tool Development
  • Hard materials, Cemented Carbides (manufacturing, testing, development and application)
  • Mechanical and physical property testing
Powder Characterization
Particle Size Distribution

ASTM B214 Sieve Analysis (Ro-Tap)
ASTM B822 Laser Scattering (MicroTrac)

Apparent Density

ASTM B212 Hall Cup
ASTM B417 Carny Cup
ASTM B329 Scott Volumeter

ASTM B527 Tap Density
ASTM B213 Hall Flow Rate

Small-Scale Powder Processing
Batch Blending (to 10kg.)
Vibratory Compaction
Lab-Scale Infiltration (to 1200 C)

Pins (1/2″ dia. x 3 1/2″ lg.)
Spirals (DiaPac method)
Coupon Casting (2″ dia. x 6″ lg.)

Mechanical Testing

ASTM E18 Rockwell C, B, etc.
ASTM E384 Microhardness (Vickers and Knoop)
ASTM D2240 Rubber Shore A Durometer

Transverse Rupture Strength

DiaPac Method (1/2″ dia. bar, 2″ span, meets ASTM B528 accuracy)

Wear / Erosion Testing

DiaPac Slurry Abrasion Test (Proprietary)
ASTM G65 Dry Sand Rubber Wheel Abrasion
ASTM B611 Alumina Slurry Steel Wheel Abrasion
ASTM G75 Sand Slurry Reciprocating Rubber Lap Abrasion

Sectioning (6″ diamond watersaw)
Mounting (Cold Mold and Hot Compression)
Lapping/Grinding/Polishing (12″ dia. wheels)
Stereoscopy (to 70x)
Metallography (50x – 1000x)
Digital Imagining (Macro and Micro)
Quantitative capabilities include ASTM B276 (Apparent Porosityin Cemented Carbides); industry methods for rating Sphericity, Porosity and Phase Fractions; mironscale measurement.

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