Welcome to Diapac


DiaPac is an internationally recognized leader in high performance products that include tungsten carbide powders, wear resistant surface coatings and cemented carbides for use in oil & gas production, mining, construction, agricultural and manufacturing operations.


DiaPac laboratories develop high performing, hard metal products that will meet today’s challenging drilling, construction and manufacturing conditions. Our hard metal solutions are carefully engineered to meet specific industrial requirements and the applications of each of our customers.


We continually invest in people and technology to develop and provide superior products to our customers. Our technology group strives to develop sustainable wear solutions to meet our customers ever changing requirements.

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE:  DiaClad® Hardfacing Products.  Click Below for More information.

At DiaPac, we offer a total solutions package for hard metals, wear solutions and applications:


Technical Expertise:  High performance through technology, engineering and extensive metallurgical expertise.


Exceptional Customer Service:  Real time customer service with real people to ensure on time deliveries and great customer satisfaction.


Sustainability and Value:  Recovery and management of assets through proprietary methods returns value to our customers.


Superior Quality and Standards:  DiaPac is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a continuous improvement philosophy.bbr

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